PU Glace


A transparent, UV resistant, double component, polyurethane based, solvent based, liquid final layer coating and water isolation material. Suitable to walk on.



Pool Paint is a solvent-based, glossy and fluid pigment coating for pool paint. This bi-component and aliphatic polyurethane resin is highly recommended for outdoor and indoor concrete or polyester pools and basins.

PU BiExtra


A double component, polyurethane based, solvent free water isolation material.

PU Primer 2K


Solvent free polyurethane based primer product

PU Aliphatic


PU Aliphatic Paint is a bi-component polyurethane for the decoration and protection of wall surfaces, new and maintenance work having a satin appearance.

PU Paint-1K


It is a one-component aromatic solvent-based polyurethane resin for the treatment, decoration and protection of soils. It forms a satin film, flexible and continuous with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties, good abrasion resistance.

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